It’s taken me far too long to get round to reviewing this since I saw it so my reflections on it are limited … so suffice to say it’s magnificent.

Like all of us who grew up on Paddington there was nervousness at a precious childhood memory being revisited; I needn’t have worried. It’s a loving, committed, beautifully produced all-age film. I say all-age advisedly; this is not a children’s film. A children’s film will only be enjoyed by children. Paddington will be richly enjoyed by anyone with a heart, a soul and a sense of humour. We laughed a lot throughout the film; and the film’s message of welcoming the different and challenging ‘other’ person into your heart and home community is unmistakably presented without ever ramming it down the throat. The performances are whole-hearted and engaging; the bear himself us hypnotically funny and perfectly presented.

Just see it and love it.

I rated this film 5/5 on and 9/10 on