What we’re up to over the next 3 months

On Monday April 13th (next week) my wife and I are going away on my sabbatical for 3 months. If you don’t know what a sabbatical is, it’s a break from the parish that includes rest and relaxation but isn’t only that. In the branch of the Anglican church I’m in, they’re supposed to come every 5 years; I’ve been in ordained ministry for 14 years and this will be my first sabbatical.

We’ll be going to New Zealand and Australia. We’ll have the first 2 months in New Zealand, then a month in Australia.

Here are some of our aims and priorities for this time, in no special order:

– rest and relaxation. Ministering in South Africa is hard work, and the last year or so has been especially hard on us in many ways. All told, we’re carrying some scars which need some deep rest to heal – much deeper rest then sort you get on a 2-3 week annual holiday.

– Bev will take lots of photos

– I’ll do lots of reading around church and theology issues that are relevant to where we’re at and what we’re doing

– see some new places and have some fun doing it

– Bev will connect with some social enterprises

– I’ll probably write some of it up in some way at some point

– visit some churches doing the sort of thing we’re interested in

– reflect on what’s happened recently and on what might happen next

If you’re the praying sort, it would be great if you could pray for us. Pray for the above, and …

– safety

– provision of what we need materially

– our church and home and dogs whilst we’re away

Here’s what you may get on the blog over the next 3 months …

– movie reviews

– thoughts about books I’m reading

– photos

– stuff about what we’re seeing and doing

– general random thoughts about anything

Here’s what I’m committing to on the blog over the next 3 months:

– ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I love blogging, writing and thinking out-loud. However if I commit to something like that for the next 3 months it will eventually become a tool of guilt, a chain around my neck. That’s the opposite of sabbatical, the root word of which is sabbath. So I may blog, or it may be over 3 months until you see me here again. If I do blog, it’ll be because I want to, and it’s helping me; which is how I use this blog anyway, it’s just the rhythm may well be even more erratic than normal.

So whatever the next 3 months brings for you and us, go well and with God.

See you when I see you.