So many plans …

So many plans.

Was going to take time out from everything on sabbatical. Space to read, think, pray, reflect, decide, plan.

Did that, and I came back with heart full, decisions taken and vision clear.

Was ready to work, ready to make some changes, ready to write, ready to preach.

To begin with it went well.

Diary was re-shaped, preaching was begun, ideas started to take concrete form.

As they say, though, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Pressures mounted: home, work, family.

Then The Straw. Never thought of myself as a camel before, but that’s the only metaphor that fits.

Meltdown, illness, time off sick.

Gradual re-entry planned.

Re-entry paused by sickness of body.

Body and mind now both in plaster that can’t be seen but that still restricts, protects.

Re-entry rebooted.

Re-engagement tremulously restarted.

Things to still to write, read, plan, preach, do.

Ideas held loosely, battle still real.

Treading hopefully, moving gently.