What to say that hasn’t already been said, now it has arrived in South Africa, a month on from the UK and USA release?

Not much that’s new, I should think.

So, this. A brave decision to award American Beauty director Sam Mendes pays off handsomely. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s brilliantly shot. It has a darkly satisfying undertone. It does lose the plot a little when it goes to Scotland. The end of the film set-up for future movies doesn’t quite work. For a 50th anniversary it does all it should: look back, look forward, and in doing so say a bit about the place of Bond’s country in the world – decaying, but it’s also rediscovering itself. Javier Bardem is brilliant. The death of one character doesn’t work because the character hadn’t developed enough. A measure of the film’s success is that when Bond cries, it sits right.

Nothing new to say, really. It’s just fantastic, with a few reservations.

I rated this movie 4.5/5 on and 8/10 on

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