Captain America: The First Avenger

Most of us know by now that, broadly, there are 2 approaches to take with a comic book adaptation. There’s the straight-faced, dark as you like approach that reaches a pinnacle in Christopher Nolan’s recently concluded Batman trilogy. Or you embrace the inherent absurdity of it all and play it with a metaphorical knowing wink to the camera.

Captain America does the latter, in spades, slotting neatly into Marvel’s expanding movie universe. The violence is comic-book rather than graphic, but still packs a punch for all that; Toby Jones, a henchman to the main villain, predictably steals every scene he’s in. For all it’s bright colours and old-school feel, the film isn’t beyond a sly dig at the vanity of a nascent celebrity culture.

It fits nicely into its hole in the Marvel universe; whilst not shining as bright as Avengers Assemble or Iron Man, it does enough be a good supporting act to its more dominant sister franchises.

I rated this movie 3.5/5 on & 6/10 on

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