Films Of The Year 2010

Happy New Year one and all. As usual, here’s a quick run-down of my films of the year in 2010. I haven’t seen anything like all the films I would like to have – especially now a move to South Africa means cinema going is less frequent (financial reasons) and we don’t have the same release dates here. Some films don’t make it to Cape Town at all. So as time goes by, I’ll be reviewing more films on DVD as I see them, as I have done here. The films are listed in no order at all, and most are reviewed elsewhere on the blog. When I get near a decent internet connection, I’ll link each film to my review of it. I define a film of the year as one I saw (in cinema or increasingly on DVD) in 2010 about which I’m still thinking (in a good way) long after seeing it. Feel free to disagree, agree or be totally apathetic.

Winter’s Bone Low-key, slow-burning family drama/thriller. A masterpiece, and right out of nowhere.

Toy Story 3 The perfect end to a perfect trilogy.

Inception Very possibly the best action movie ever, and certainly one of the most intelligent.

The Social Network The Facebook given the Aaron Sorkin treatment, and in the process it becomes a Shakespearean epic.

The Lives Of Others Finally seen on DVD, and every bit as good as everybody said. Beauty and brutality meeting head on.

A Single Man Colin Firth is heartbreakingly good in the best screen evocation of depression I’ve seen. More hopeful than might be expected.

Precious Hope forged in tragedy, pain that’s real and people that resonate. True in so many ways.

A Prophet A prison film, a reflection on hope and spirituality, and on what makes people who they are. Another masterpiece for 2010, I think.

The Road As important as the book, but suffers unfairly in comparison with the printed version. See it.

Where The Wild Things Are More beauty and wonder in 5 minutes of this than the whole of Avatar.

Sherlock Holmes Yes, the Guy Ritichie one really is good. So much fun.

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