Angels & Demons

This is it. Dan Brown has won. The plot he instigated with the Da Vinci code book is finally bursting into horrible flower. This has shaken my deeply held faith in the goodness of God. I may never recover.

It’s not theological, you understand. Neither is it about Jesus having a wife or a son or anything like that. It’s in the success. Books, films, this bad, this lazy, this insulting to the intelligence of viewer or reader – that’s what shakes your faith. This isn’t as bad or as boring as the previous one. But it’s still utterly hopeless.

Don’t do it. Don’t see it. You’ll only hasten the end of days. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5 thoughts on “Angels & Demons

  1. Dave,
    Wasn’t impressed with Da Vinci Code as a film and haven’t seen A & D yet but enjoyed both as books. Is your objection to the style of the books as adventure and not mentally taxing or the subject matter. If you are in doubt I would recommend reading The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry which is more faith shaking then any Dan Brown book and anything by Matthew Reilly (except Contest) which will reset your whole measurement scale for brainless but fun action adventure novels.

    Incidentally – given our respective jobs, I take great exception to Digital Fortress by Dan Brown as it really is blasphemous, mind poisoning rubbish with no understanding of the truth. It’s also a terrible book.

  2. Hi John
    I like adventure books, I like mentally not-taxing books…it’s just that this really bad at being both. Also, objection to the Da Vinci code was the “This is truth’ statement at the beginning, which it patently isn’t….Haven’t read Digitial Fortress, but will take your word for it 🙂

  3. David,

    I have to both agree and disagree with you. Both books are inherently flawed – not just theologically (and I equally despise the ‘This is truth’ statement, which it isn’t. Wasn’t. Just plagiarised and unoriginal unfounded hypotheses), but in plot and character integrity.

    I would concede that for pace, effects and enjoyability A&D had the edge over DV, but again, hackneyed ideas and themes which were pulled off with far greater depth in ‘Seven’ and TV’s ‘Messiah’.

    Twists in plots are good when you can’t see them coming. When they’re so obviously sign-posted it’s not worth it. And any suggestion that it’s the screenplay / ‘the book is better’, I’d actually suggest the film improves the book. You waste only 2hrs of your life, not more!

  4. Methinks I shall not bother then! I avoided DV because it was so full of implausible tosh, but this new one sounds even worse. A terrible crime in my book is a badly written book, lacking coherence, good character development and good editing. Harry Potter (which I also avoid like the plague) fell down that hole by book 4. Loved your comment, Kevin, about only wasting 2 hours of your life on the film :))) Sooo true!

  5. As a film, I thought A&D was quite good, despite the implausible nature of fitting that all into ‘real time’ or something like it. I don’t know Rome, but I know its not that small. And unlike the Delusional Code, it never pretended to be true, clever or serious. Much. And it had Ewan McGregor being rubbish, which is good every now and then, so I stop wanting to be him. It won’t hasten the end times, but hopefully will hasten the end of Dan Brown.

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