Wolverine – How to finally ruin a good thing

Well, that’s the end of that then. I like Hugh Jackman and I liked the first two X-Men films. They were exciting, well directed and involving – and they actually dealt with issues, in the spirit of the better Batman or Spiderman movies. Issues like identity, difference and alienation. The third X-Men installment was an awful mess, about not very much. Wolverine was an opportunity to get back to what made it all so good in the first place.

As you know by now, it deals with how Wolverine became Wolverine. Apart from a nicely put together trot through some of the key wars of the last 100 years at the beginning, there’s no imagination or surprise here. Overhead shot of anguished Wolverine holding the body of his dearly beloved? Check. Painful acquisition of blades in the hands under the oversight of dastardly mastermind? Check. Rubbish script? check.

It’s a waste, and unless a Christopher Nolan is bought in to reboot the franchise, this is creatively dead.

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